Storage Tips
Plan ahead when packing your items. Have all your packing supplies available when you are ready to begin; boxes, wrapping paper or bubble wrap, tape, covers, etc…
Clearly label the boxes with its contents.
Do not pack more than you can lift.
Fill empty spaces in boxes with newspapers for added stability for stacking.
Where possible, disassemble larger pieces such as bed frames and tables. Wrap frames and legs together and store screws, nuts and bolts in plastic baggies.
Wrap breakables individually, carefully and thoroughly.
Use items such as refrigerators and stoves to store smaller items such as pots, pans, other appliances. Prop doors open for ventilation.
Place larger or heavier items on bottom and stack lighter items on top.
Store furniture on boards or pallets to keep off ground.
Clean items so that they are free of food or other perishables.
Cover mattresses and store them flat and on level surfaces.
Drain any equipment of fluids to prevent leakage.
Keep more frequently accessed items toward front of storage unit.